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Panini Vision Next

The new performance benchmark for distributed capture. Vision Next includes unique features such as the auto-alignment mechanism and swing-open covers, packaged in a new, compact European design. 

Panini Vision neXt:

  • Maximum focus on the customer

  • Various teller functions

  • Easy access and maintenance

  • Ease of use for non-experts

Vision Next
Panini EverneXt

This revolutionaly new platform leverages the proven performance and ergonomics of Vision neXt and designed to address the most common barriers in teller capture (environment, operator, and document quality issues), resulting in unparalleled levels of usability and productivity, as well as the unprecedented Everest architecture which allows API-free, OS-agnostic integration to a variety of host devices via HTTPS protocol.

Panini Evernext:

  • Speed up to 160 documents per minute

  • API free, operating system agnostic integration

  • Sharable by roaming tellers

  • Capture technology in wired and wireless environments

Panini Vision X

A scalable scanner designed for distributed cheque capture. The Panini Vision X® cheque scanner offers best-in-class reliability and lowest total cost of ownership for distributed check capture based on our core competencies of system scalability, MICR read accuracy, superior image quality, smooth document handling, and professional service, coupled with a modern, ergonomic and accessible design, and quiet operation. It is equally efficient in Remote Deposit Capture applications, and in processing non-check documents such as utility bills, meal vouchers, coupons and more.

Panini Vision X:

  • Flawless document handling

  • System scalability

  • MICR read accuracy and superior image handling

  • Physical and virtual item endorsement options

Vision X
Panini I:Deal

Designed specifically for small business Remote Deposit Capture. The Panini I:Deal® is a small, attractive, single feed check scanner designed with direct input from the targeted end user, a bank’s small business customer. It is the optimal combination of low total cost of ownership and professional quality in a user-friendly package.

Panini I:Deal:

  • Single feed with automatic alignment

  • Intelligent (selective) franking option

  • Horizontal clamshell design for easy access

  • Accurate MICR read and duplex image capture

  • Integrated stacking pocket or return to feeder.

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