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On Group’s highly-efficient service, fulfilment and deployment has been specifically designed for your needs based on industry demands, standards and deadlines. With extensive experience is this area we have met challenging quantities, time-frames and requirements from many organisations around the country and nothing was too big or too small to handle. The results are always professional and flawless.

It is precisely this long-term experience that enables us to plan and manage our service with the efficiency you expect, and deserve. And because we recognise, and respect, that every company's needs and circumstances are unique, our service and support is completely customizable and flexible. We tailor solutions to your individual situation.


Our packages include Support, Swapout, Maintenance, Help desk, Fulfilment, Deployment, Asset Management  and Decommissioning. Talk to us about customising a complete - or partial - solution to meet your needs. We can assist with projects from beginning to completion, or we can manage a phase on-site or remotely and fit seamlessly into your operations.

On Groups’ Support Services are there to assist you when challenges arise and to make sure that effective strategies - and equipment - are swiftly put into place .


We help you reduce downtime by identifying problems remotely, and we ensure that SLAs required are met.

Having a dedicated Help Desk allows our specialized team of professionals the ability to reduce your down time. In many cases Service and Support calls can be resolved with effective direct dialogue. With years of technical and logistical experience, our people can promptly identify and resolve most issues that arise, and are quick at recognising and diagnosing glitches: so don't hesitate to seek our expert advice.


On Group currently provides these services to some of Australia largest enterprise. You’ll be pleased to know that we are there supporting you when you need it most.


One of the largest services that On Group offer are our Australia-wide Swapout services.

Some of Australia's largest companies utilise this service: and it has proven to be a phenomenal savior when it comes to keeping things running productively with minimum downtime.

Our fast response and convenient locations means that Swapouts are swift, efficient and reliable. 

On Group maintains an Australia-wide pool of specialised units that are kept in strategic locations within close proximity to our clients. 

This ensures that your Swapout needs and SLAs are always met quickly and without delay. Without fail, our fast turnarounds mean you don't miss a beat.

Please talk to us about your needs so we can tailor a package to suit you. No matter where you are located, we guarantee to be there to resolve your challenge. 

Have a large fleet of machines that need to be expertly repaired like new? Talk to us. We can repair and refurbish your existing fleet and provide a warranty program to suit you.

This is a great way to lengthen the life of your devices without the expense of replacing them. Flexible solutions for your needs.


Let us provide you with our system integration services. Legacy systems are our speciality. We will find a way to connect all your dots so they integrate seamlessly.


Let your challenges become our success.  


On Group has deployed thousands of devices for many of Australia's largest organisations.

From staging and initial run-up, to tracking, to installation and testing, On Group's services will ensure your deployment runs to schedule and budget.


Coupled with our deployment services is our environmental decommissioning.


Staging, Deployment and Fulfilment is a very intricate, precise, specialised and laborious process that needs to be executed accurately and quickly.


This means our teams work to a tight schedule tracking the shipping of devices, meticulously testing their output, delivering and installing them to client specifications: they perform to a time frame and complete each phase with efficiency and dedication.


Our proven performance is the reason that we are continually trusted with large and critical deployments around the country.

Our Asset Management Services allows your organization to have real time information on your assets.


From simple asset-tagging to complete fleet management. On Group has the end to end solution for you.  

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